About Me

I'm a broadly trained volcanologist interested in:

1) developing new ways to model and assess lava flow hazards
2) using various radar methods to study volcanic deposits
3) exploring new ways to improve how hazard and risk are understood and communicated
4) understanding the links between tectonics and volcanism

Contact Details

Dr Lis Gallant
University of Cambridge
Department of Geography
Downing Place, Cambridge



University of South Florida

PhD in Geology August 2019

Dissertation: Modeling and Assessing Lava Flow Hazards [download]

MS in Geology 2016

Thesis: Lava Flow Hazard Assessment for the Idaho National Laboratory, Idaho Falls, and Pocatello, Idaho, U.S.A. [download]

Buffalo State College

BA in Geology 2012

Honors Thesis: Understanding the Eruptive History of Vulcan Santa Ana, El Salvador

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

BS in Electronic Media, Arts, and Communications 2009


University of Cambridge: Department of Geography

Research Associate March 2020 - Present

University of South Florida: School of Geosciences

Instructor 2019

Field Camp Coordinator Summer 2015 - Summer 2019

Graduate Teaching Assistant 2013-2018

Energy Industry Consultant

Expert in volcanic hazard assessment methods September 2018 - Present

Hawaiian Volcano Observatory

Intern November 2012 - July 2013

Peer Reviewed Publications

8. Germa, A., Koebli, D., Wetmore, P., Arias, A., Savov, I., Gallant, E., Richardson, J. (in review), Petrogenesis of the San Rafael subvolcanic field, Utah: implication for the in-situcrystallization and segregation of syenite in shallow sills.

7. Gallant, E., Deng, F., Connor, C., Saballos, J.A., Guitierrez, C., Myhre, D., Zayac, J., Richardson, J. Charbonnier, S., Thompson, G., Connor, L., Malservisi, R., LaFemina, P., and Dixon, T., Deep and rapid thermo-mechanical erosion by a small-volume lava flow. EPSL [download]

6. Connor, C. B., Connor, L.J., Germa, A., Richardson, J.A., Bebbington, M., Gallant, E., and Saballos, J.A., (2019, in press) How to estimate the probable locations of future volcanic vents using kernel density estimation, Statistics in Volcanology 4. (cited by 1)

5. Deng, F.,Rodgers, M., Xie, S., Dixon, T., Charbonnier, S., Gallant, E., López-Velez, C., Ordoñez, M., Malservisi, R., Voss, N, Richardson, J., (2019), High-resolution DEM generation from multiple remote sensing data sources for improved volcano hazard assessment - a case study at Nevado del Ruiz, Colombia: Remote Sensing of Environment, vol. 233. (cited by 2) [download]

4. Xie, S., Gallant, E., Wetmore, P., Owen, L., Figueiredob, P., Malservisi, R., and Dixon, T., (2019), A new geological slip rate estimate for the Calico Fault, eastern California: Implications for geodetic versus geologic rate estimates in the Eastern California Shear Zone: International Geology Review. vol. 61:13, p. 1613-1641. (cited by 1) [download]

3. Gallant, E., Richardson, J., Connor, C., Wetmore, P., and Connor, L., (2018), A new approach to probabilistic lava flow hazard assessments, applied to the Idaho National Laboratory, eastern Snake River Plain, Idaho, USA: Geology, vol. 46:10, p. 895-898. (cited by 7) [download]

2. Richardson, J.A., Connor, C., Wetmore, P.H., Connor, L., and Gallant, E.,(2015) Role of sills in the development of volcanic fields: Insights from lidar mapping surveys of the San Rafael Swell, Utah: Geology, vol. 43:11, p. 1023-1026. (cited by 16) [download]

1. George, O., McIlrath, J., Farrell, A., Gallant, E., Tavarez, S., Marshall, A., McNiff, C., Njoroge, M., Wilson, J., Connor, C., Connor, L., and Kruse, S. (2015): High-Resolution Ground-Based Magnetic Survey of a Buried Volcano Anomaly B, Amargosa Desert, NV: Statistics in Volcanology, vol. 1, p. 1-23. (cited by 8) [download]

Non-peer Reviewed Publications

2. LaFemina, P., Roman, D., Connor, C., Saballos, A., Gallant, E., Wauthier, C., Dixon, T.H., Tenorio, V., Strauch, W., Thompson, G., de Moor, M., Martinez, M., Feineman, M., and Longpré, M.A., (in prep), Transition from effusive to explosive activity during the 2015-2016 eruption of Momotombo Volcano, Nicaragua.

1. Gallant, E., and Connor, C., (in prep) Modeling eruptive events using cluster analysis: An example from Craters of the Moon, Idaho.

Computational Products

Paleotopography Reconstruction: This code removes the topographic signals associated with channels/levees on conic surfaces. [download]

Event Modeling: This code uses cluster analysis to model events from point source data in distributed volcanic fields. [download]

Teaching Philosophy

I am committed to providing a quality educational experience for all students. I have established myself as an approachable door-open educator and encourage co-operative learning through mutual respect. As a member of several underserved communities within the geosciences, my experiences allow me to help others navigate similar bumps during their educational careers. Encouraging students from all backgrounds to become geoscientists will only strengthen our field and I am firmly committed to this goal. Representation matters and I have aggressively used my position with the Tampa Taste of Science Festival to boost the visibility of members from communities that have been traditionally marginalised in STEM. There is no better recruiting tool than showing future scientists that, regardless of who they are or where they come from, they are welcome.

Instructor of Record

Sedimentary Petrology University of South Florida Spring 2020

Introduction to Earth Science University of South Florida Spring 2020

History of Life University of South Florida Fall 2019

Structural Geology and Tectonics University of South Florida Spring 2019

Labs Tought

Structural Geology and Tectonics University of South Florida Fall 2017, Spring 2018

Introduction to Geology University of South Florida Fall 2015, Spring 2016

Sedimentary Processes University of South Florida Fall 2015

Mineralogy and Petrology University of South Florida Fall 2013, Spring 2014

Courses Assisted

Dynamic Earth University of South Florida Spring 2017, Spring 2018

Geology For Engineers University of South Florida Fall 2015, Spring 2016

Introduction to Geology Laboratory Buffalo State College Spring 2011

Intermediate Digital Imaging Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Spring 2008

Media and Outreach

Inaugural speaker for the USF Library's Calling Earth Podcast: [listen here]

Interviewed by the Nicaraguan press while responding to the 2015-2016 eruption of Momotombo Volcano: [view here]

Interviewed by USF's student newspaper about my work in Nicaragua: [view here]

Interviewed by the Tampa Bay Times about my work in conjunction with the Taste of Science: [view here]